COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has been spreading, causing a world pandemic.

Fight Against COVID-19


Hospitals are constantly full and are constantly under stress as they run out of room and are under pressure 24/7.

Help out Hospitals


Remember to always stay 6 feet apart to prevent spreading any contagious germs.

Social Distancing


Healthcare workers are constantly on the battlefield against COVID-19 and need all the encouragement, support, and help they can get.

Support Healthcare Heros


Don't forget to always wash your hands so the germs from the virus won't spread.

Wash Your Hands


Please always wear masks as they are effective in preventing the virus from spreading.

Wear Masks


Watch the demo video to see how it works! It's easy, fast, and simple with just a couple clicks of a button!


Upload an image or video or both to see if you or someone else is wearing a mask or not.


Creator: Kim Do


The project is called the Face Mask Detection where it uses facial and object recognition to accurately distinguish those with or without masks. The user would upload an image and the program would analyze it and output whether or not they're wearing a mask. This project is needed to prevent higher risk of spreading the coronavirus and to enforce those who don't follow proper guidelines to wear a mask.


  • Python
  • Microsoft Azure Functions
  • Deep Learning
  • Tensorflow
    • Keras
  • APIs


Wearing a facial mask in public has become a mandatory requirement since the start of COVID-19. They’re important in public space (ex. stadiums, airports, warehouses, and other crowded spaces) where foot traffic is heavy and safety regulations are critical to safeguarding everyone’s health.


  • Problem: There are people who don’t follow the proper guidelines and thus, create a higher risk of spreading this contagious virus.
  • Solution: Thus, we need to find a solution to figure out how to detect those who don’t wear and mask and enforce them to put one on. This program will analyze images and/or videos of faces and will say whether or not they’re wearing a mask. It will be able to accurately distinguish those with or without masks.


  • In the future, I want to integrate this into a webcam where it’s able to detect LIVE of whether or not the person is wearing a mask or not.
  • Implementing a Real-time, AI-Based, Face Mask Detector Application for COVID-19
  • However, this might not require Azure Functions so it would stray a different path.


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